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Custom Shed Siding

custom sheds for sale in lavale maryland

Quality LP Smart Siding

The LP Smart Siding takes advantage of the Smartgaurd Treatment making it water, fungal decay, termite, and impact resistant! Coming with a 50 year limited warranty from the manufacturer, you can be sure it will withstand the Cumberland, MD weather.

pressure treated shed siding

Pressure Treated Siding

Our pressure treated wood siding is double studded at the seams helping it fight woods’s habit of shrinking. We use trusted premium grade real plywood siding 5/8 of an inch thick, along with a limited lifetime warranty against 

termites & fungal decay.

Durable Shed Flooring in Cumberland,MD

Treated Square Edge

Our CDX Grade pressure treated plywood is perfect for you if you don’t mind small imperfections but want something that will last. Protecting you against termites and fungal decay and coming with a lifetime warranty to insure it! 

If desired you can upgrade from 5/8in to 3/4in plywood

Custom barns in Grantsville Maryland
engineer certified sheds in the grantsville md area

Engineered Tongue & Groove

Our 5/8in tongue and groove engineered panels provide a more stable & flatter floor retaining good strength and stiffness. If you’re wanting a seamless floor for your custom shed, free from knots, our moisture resistant engineered tongue and groove is the right choice!

If desired you can upgrade from 5/8in to 3/4in panels

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