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Frequently Asked Questions

Our sheds come with two roof options, metal roof or shingle. Each type of roof has its advantages for different applications, and they both come with a 30 year limited warranty.

Our sheds range in price from $2,550 to over $16,000 depending on size and options chosen. Shed sizes play a major role in determining the final price. Once you have determined the size that best suits your needs, we can provide you with an exact quote on our shed. Simply use our Configure & Price tool.

Smart Side and T1-11 siding are both wood siding, however they work differently. T1-11 is a 5/8″ thick panel while Smartside is 3/8″ thick. Because of the difference in thickness, each has its pros and cons for different uses. T1-11 comes with a limited lifetime warranty against termites and fungal decay, while smart panel comes with a 50 year warranty.

Shed construction time is directly related to the size and type of shed you choose. After we receive your order, we will contact you with a rough ETA on when we expect to complete your shed. Sheds typically take between 4-6 weeks from order to delivery, depending on the size ordered and options chosen. We follow a step by step process to ensure that each shed we produce is built to the highest quality standards possible.

We have one of the best warranties in the business!


We offer you peace of mind – with a limited 5 year warranty backed by a company that has been in business since 2012, Casselman Sheds will be there when you need us!


Against termite damage and fungal decay on all pressure treated wood, including pressure treated skids, floor joists (on all models), optional pressure treated flooring and optional pressure treated 5/8in T1-11 siding.


All metal roofing and siding comes with a 30 year limited warranty against rust through.


For LP Smart Panel Siding. Check out our warranty page for more information:

Yes we do! Click here to configure and price yours!

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