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Consider a Study Shed with Casselman Sheds’ Play House Package

Play House

Many of us learned during the work-from-home period in 2020 (and beyond, for some) that having a dedicated workspace in the home helps you be more productive, as it provides a boundary between the relaxation of being at home vs. a space to help you focus and get down to business.

This doesn’t just have to be for adults, though.

Whether they could use a dedicated study space or a place to do virtual school (or homeschool lessons), a study shed can be the perfect place for your child to hit the books, and you can perfect the look with Casselman Sheds’ Play House Package.

Play & Work Area

If you’re going to have a shed as a hangout for the kids, make an area where they can work along with play. A desk and comfortable chair can provide a quiet work environment. If you choose to get a shed with a loft, you can also use this as an area to store school work from years past along with any other materials and documents they may need for learning. Adding custom shelving to your shed can also provide plenty of storage space for these materials or anything else that you might want to shift from your home.

To ensure a comfortable area for work and play, you can opt for climate control with air conditioning and/or heating, depending on your needs. Electricity is also a must, and you can add a Wi-Fi booster in order to pull the signal from your home for any computer or smart-device connection.

When school isn’t in session, make your shed a comfortable place to hang out and allow your child to have some freedom in his or her own personal space. Decorate the walls and choose furniture with your children’s input so they can feel like it’s a space that belongs to them.

Complete the Look With the Play House Add-On

The Play House Package can be attached to many of our shed designs and will give your shed the ultimate finishing touch.

The package includes a 9 Lite Window walk-in door, a 4-foot porch (which is included in the total building length), two porch support posts, three 2×3-foot single-pane windows, and 8-foot walls.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose quality LP Smart Siding that comes with a 50-year limited warranty, so you can buy with confidence, or go with our pressure-treated wood siding, which is double-studded at the seams so the panels won’t shrink. That product also comes with a limited lifetime warranty against termite damage and fungal decay.

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